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Awards for Excellence in Childcare

Who doesn't enjoy an award? I feel like a game goal of just collecting all the available items and toys for the little girl may not be enough motivation for some to keep going. What if the game gave a few extra points every now and then as a reward for taking good care of the child? Like feeding her three meals a day. Or reaching a goal of a certain number of toys purchased. Or a birthday bonus -- for those users that have played for a year.

Some great opportunities for rewards:
Reaching a purchase goal of a certain number of toys, furnishings, etc.
Attaining a certain level of karma
Getting on the game and feeding her at least 3 times a day
Giving her a fun day by varying care actions
Remembering to give her a shower and naptime each day for a week

. . . those are just a few ideas to get started. I just thought it would be cool to have more motivation for the game.

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    The second comment should've been under the first one. So just pretend, okay?

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    Anyway, what is your opinion on the whole Eva Green boob job debacle? I mean, I can see why she did it, she was dealing with straight salami nips before, I tell ya. But my heart just isn't feeling it. My hopes and dreams were in that salami, my dude. But I still diddled myself to her in 300, so I guess its a moot point.


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    Stop being an attention snob. I want Anatoly to respond to ME.
    Anyway, great idea.
    It's good.
    What else is there to say.
    Do you want a bloody AWARD or something.
    That was a joke.
    If you didn't know already.
    Kony 2012

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