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A romantic love story (part 1)

You and me.
Walking on the beach hand in hand
We are deeply in love.
I suddenly stop
You look me in my eyes
You can tell something is amiss.
You say "Darling, whatever is the matter? We have got brunch with your parents in an hour".
I begin to shake and tear up, with a visible look of distress on my face.
I become besotted. Throwing my hands to cover my face in anguish.
You ask hysterically "My love, what is the cause of this?"
I start to cry even harder.
You frantically say "Tell me, please. It kills me to see you this way".
I am inconsolable at this stage.
You eventually scream out "Okay, I had a midnight tryst with another, but it was a mistake, please, I can change."
I suddenly go silent for what seems like an eternity.
And then, just as you're about to give up hope. A whisper erupts from my lips.
"Its..... it's not that".
"Then what is it, my love? You know you can tell me anything".
I grab your hand tenderly, and gently brush your cheek.
"Baby..." I begin, "It's because you only have one giggle sound effect, you fucking moron......PRANKED YA"

Fade to black.

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  • God commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This was a good story.
    I didn't mean to be harsh, I just wanted to help your game grow.
    From giggle to giggle. From ash to dust.
    But hey, it's still better than the Witcher 3. What a piece of poop was that game, am I right???
    Anyway, Crash Bash out in stores Summer 2000

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